Real Circularity Academy™ Presents:

The Foundations Online Course

This is Real Circularity Academy’s Online Course to help you understand how to go from “From Theory to Reality”.

You can learn more about who the course is for and what’s included below.

What’s great is the course is made available in our members area so you can access it at a time and location that works for you, and work through it at a pace that works for you.

The Academy Foundation Course Full payment is £400

(Option on a Monthly payment plan £120)

  • 📹 12 video sessions
  • ❓Bi Weekly LIVE Q&A
  • 💻 12 months Alumni & live sessions
  • 🎓 x5 LIVE masterclass sessions on Trending Circular topics
  • ⚒️  Access to Portal, Book List & Tools
  • 👩‍🎓 Certificate of completion

The Academy Foundations course is a life long learning space where we encourage you to connect way past the time that you finish the course.  We work on our unique trend radar system where we keep all of our active Alumni up to date and link monthly In our community meets.

The first course includes your 12 month Alumni access and VIP summit access .. (after 12 months the alumni is £100 per year).. With the Alumni you gather access to meeting other Real Circularity Academy members in different disciplines, create networks within – and access our networks outside.

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Join the Real Circularity Academy £400 today

Spread the cost and opt for the payment plan £120 per month

Who is this for? What is it?

Based on the work of Real Circularity and its recent Academy, this evergreen course is for inter industry. Sessions work with you on the distinctions within our work and practice that flow through any industry, the working practice of applied ‘Sustainable Circularity’.

For those that want to work on Circularity from within their current role, consulting, freelance position or if you are starting a seed business and want to get ahead. Wherever you are, gather a fuller understanding of working theory into reality with Real Circularity Fundamentals.

For Those in Design, Procurement, Technical, Planning, Project management, Product Development, Consulting, Architecture, Marketing …  literally any professional wanting to add Circularity to their toolkit or students wanting to deepen their knowledge.

Practical application and pragmatic working application in all scenarios, from product, to operations, systems, development and the collaborations that you can foster from within your current role and position.

What if you didn’t have to move roles to work on your purpose?

What if you could enhance both your depth of knowledge and showcase to your bosses how you could apply it?

Be innovative from within your work, be more employable, keep up with the newest trends and ideas – share knowledge with others who are passionate about creating change and transforming industries.

No paperwork, no messing about, just purely how you can take this complexity and apply it in real life to your work. We recommend Journaling throughout and writing ideas, asking questions in the portal and community.

How to Pre-Order / Access the course?

The course is available today for pre-order. We already have the course structured and recorded, but are looking to optimise before releasing this new format.

The full course access will start in April 2024.

Up to April 2024 the price is only £250. (This will increase to its usual investment of £400 including the community upon launch). So pre-order today and save £150.

What is included in Your Course Access?

You will get 1 Year’s Access to:

  • SESSIONS: There are twelve distinct sessions, each includes c. 1 hour of Pre-recorded Video Sessions. Designed to get you thinking and have action on working Real Circularity into your career, practice and future. As they are pre-recorded video sessions, you can watch them at any time that works for you and watch them multiple times. Click here to check out the details of the sessions.
    These are hosted in our Online Members Portal, which you can access 24/7 from your laptop or smart phone over the internet. We’ll also be adding to this over the year, as new updates and examples become relevant to the course.


  • ALUMNI NETWORK : Access to our Alumni Community for 1 year (worth £100 per year). This is a great place to meet, network and ask questions and mastermind with other people on their Real Circularity Journey and includes Alumni from both the online course and the live cohorts.
  • COMMUNITY: Access to our Community Portal for 1 year – where we share links, videos, books, key white papers and insider information (worth £100 per year)
  • LIVE GROUP SESSIONS: Opportunity to join us on Circle Sessions with key players who are creating Circularity right here right now, and to meet other members and see how they are applying REAL CIRCULARITY in their work.
  • UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES: We will be including some unique opportunities only for people who have gone through the Foundations course. These will be made available in the members portal.
  • THE SUMMIT: VIP access to our Real Circularity Summit (worth £100+)

What is included in the Course?

There are distinct sessions included in the course.

Welcome and Introduction

Introduction to the Academy, the Founders Ken and Rachel, the key course outline and the journey of Real Circularity™.

Session One: Real Sustainable ‘Development’

Looking at how to take theory into practice in the real world, and the common mistakes and pitfalls.

Session Two: Real Circular Economy

How to strategically design and develop material flows and processes in alignment with Real Circularity™. Not just the basics of developing product, but the systems and structures that need to be applied to make that product work in a new circular world.

Session Three: Real Economics

Getting real about the financial aspects of circularity, unique new economic workings that compliment the Circular process.

Session Four: Real Evolution

Durability, Design for Deconstruction, Use Cycles

Deepening the distinctions of durability and longevity, considering what happens when a product succeeds and matures, and exploring emerging new business models.

Session Five: Real Communication & Ethical Marketing

How to communicate ethically to the public and peers now and into the future.

Session Six: Everything That Is In Everything That Is In Everything

Material choices and understanding the consequences of applying different approaches in the real world.

Session Seven: Macro Thinking

Exploring how to expand your thinking and build real collaborations on a solid foundation.

Session Eight: Precessional Thinking

Understanding and optimising the side effects of your business, work and outputs.

Session Nine: Trend Radar

Looking at the emergent trends and sources, and how to leverage them to be ahead of the curve.

Session Ten: Real Collaboration

How to Harbour Real World collaboration and bring that into practice.

Session Eleven: Real Structures

The new style of business structures that we will have to use to work on implementation of the Circular Economy.

Session Twelve: Choose Your Domain Depth

Choose from experts in the field as we invite our peers in the field to discuss their work in Fashion, Product, Interiors, Energy, The Built Environment, Footwear and more as we grow from our 2024 Summit.